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What you get

Every first Tuesday of the month SCRATCH releases a new Featured Artist limited edition collection of three nail wraps. Although these nail wraps are rad on their own, we wanted to offer the nail art enthusiast and everyday mani fan the ability to take them to the next level and so the Monthly Mani Box was born!

Monthly Mani Box:

  • Easily do 4+ unique manicures including tools & accents needed
    we'll provide tutorials
  • You are guaranteed to get the limited edition nail wrap collection they are gone for good when they sell out
  • You'll also get a surprise gift curated by the month's Featured Artist who doesn't like surprise mail?!
  • 3 nail wrap sets

    That's the month's full Featured Artist collection at a discount even without all of the other goodes!

  • Tools & Accents

    How-to tutorials to easily do your manis and any unique tools you need to do them. Often includes studs, charms, etc.

  • A Surprise Gift

    Hey we can't tell you, that would ruin the surprise... but we'll just say it's unique to each Featured Artist.

May'sFeatured Artist

Chelsea King is a passionate young manicurist and nail artist based out of Southern California. From an early age, she fell in love with painting and fashion. Chelsea began her career as a hobby – painting her nails as a way to accessorize and express her love of art. That soon transitioned to the start of her blog and sharing nail art on social media. She shares her nail designs and creates tutorials to inspire others to do nail art.

She quickly found herself being sought after to create tutorials and designs for various online sites such as Huffington Post, MTV, Refinery29, and many nail related websites. Chelsea was also featured in the nail art documentary, NAILgasm, which shows the rising popularity of nail artists all over the world. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Nail It! Magazine, Nails Magazine, Nailpro Magazine, and People StyleWatch.

While not painting nails, Chelsea is a student at the University of California in Irvine and is constantly educating herself on the newest nail trends. She hopes to further her career by revolutionizing the nail art world with her attention to detail and innovative techniques.

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Chelsea King
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Easy to Do

Let's be honest, good nail art is really hard to do. We can't all spend the time to perfect the art, but we all can appreciate it when we see it. Scratch works with insanely talented artists from all backgrounds to share their work on a new medium, nail wraps. So maybe you can't hand paint that intricate design on your nails; lucky for you, you won't have to thanks to your SCRATCH nail wraps.

Nail art made easy:

  • Nail wraps make intricate designs easy to accomplish designs that could take hours to paint, now take minutes
  • We'll teach you how to do it all with simple tutorials clear video & photo tutorials take the guesswork out of nail art
  • We give you the tools and accents needed to make your mani's unique we've found all of the best studs, charms, and tools for you
  • Nail Wraps

    They're really easy to apply. We'll show you how to rock awesome nail art in less than 10 minutes!

  • How-To Tutorials

    We show you how to customize your wraps and add a unique touch that brings your mani to the next level.

  • The right tools

    Everything you need in one box to easily make 4+ incredibly rad manicures.

How it works

It's pretty simple. Just follow the three steps below and you're on your way to awesome monthly DIY manis!

  1. Subscribe for the Monthly Mani Box$30 monthly with free domestic shipping – international shipping is an additional $8
  2. We'll send your box out at the beginning of each month. You'll get your first box starting the month after you sign up.
  3. Every month you'll get to see ahead of time what's in your next box! A sneak peak into the awesomeness to come. You can also skip it or send it to a friend instead!
Get your box now

If you have any other questions check out our FAQ page or shoot an email to!

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